CIO Benefits


CIO Benefits

Why should  you attend? 

Monetizing thru innovation and SMAC is the new reality. It’s already proving to be a game-changer for firms looking to reduce costs, drive top line sales, manage customer relationships and build brand engagement. Don’t miss out.
CIO Crown brings together top CIOs and IT executives from within India. Attendees from various industries have the opportunity to have in-depth conversations about industry pain points and best practices. These individuals are guaranteed to be company budget holders and decision-makers.
CIO Crown offers attendees one-on-one meetings with leading solution providers. This is a crucial opportunity to learn about products and services of interest to your organization.
Build a network of C-level peers capable of providing you with invaluable business advice with which to grow your career.
Agenda sessions at CIO Crown are gamified to maximize attendee engagement to support value creation, keeping their motivations and interests at the center while we curate the finest and balanced agenda.
Time out of office must yield results, we know. Invest your time in our engagement and we'll ensure that you leave with invaluable information that will help move your organization ahead of the competition.
By limiting attendance to 150+ of the top ICT leaders in a closed-door gathering, CIO CROWN provides an exclusive opportunity to compare notes, share ideas and connect with peers. Start building your business network today.
It stands to reason that those striving to stay ahead of the game don’t rest on their laurels – which is why our program focuses on emerging trends and solutions to give you the advantage. Put your business on the cutting-edge.
Do you want to lead change or be led by it? Staying on the cutting-edge means better opportunities for career advancement and personal fulfillment. But it also, requires learning about new opportunities and challenges. CIO CROWN offers that.
CIO Crown creates a focused environment that allows executives to focus on the issues that are most important to their organizations.

Your Opportunity to connect with Best IT Leaders of India

Join a fantastic group of CIOs, Industry Leaders, Experts and Media – to celebrate the amazing gamification of knowledge sharing that makes CIO Crown an awesome event to gain connects for growth.

CIO Crown is our biggest celebration and CIO honor event of the year. We hope to see you there in support of knowledge knight CIOs!!!