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The Digital CIO Charter: Product, Revenue and Customer Experience

With advancements in digital transformation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, RPA, data analytics, and more, it has never been a better or more challenging time to be a Chief Information Officer.

In the modern economy, digital transformation now makes technology THE business, rather than technology supporting the business; therefore, IT and CIO roles are much more vital to growth in sales. Thereby, competing through new digital models and digital platforms, focusing on redefining the customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) to create and deliver new value.

The CIO charter is now changing and thus changing – but strengthening – the role with enhanced focus on business, matching the new corporate charter for competitive repositioning, and therefore, the theme for this year is ‘The Digital CIO Charter: Product, Revenue and Customer Experience’

While keeping the lights on is a given with ensuring infrastructure and applications are maintained and in compliance, etc; the new charter focuses on building out and operating the new digital platforms and new digital operating models that are reshaping the competitive landscape.

The 2 keys reasons for the changing CIO role with the new corporate charter is that, in most organizations, the CIO is the only function that has these necessary capabilities for digital transformation:

Digital transformation inevitably forces new operating models that have no respect for traditional organizations that are functional. Digital platforms and digital operating models collapse marketing and operations, for instance, spanning across these functions and groups to achieve a superb end-to-end for customer experience.

The new models force much tighter integration and often a realignment of organizations. The CIO organization and its breadth of vision and depth of resources to drive the transformation and support the new operating model that inevitably emerges from transformation.

CIO Crown 2019 brings together the most instrumental of these leaders to explore today’s biggest technological challenges, foster deep collaboration and generate new ideas.

This year CIO Crown 2019 will deliberate on How The CIO Role Must Change For The New Charter in a modern digital world ....

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