Narottam Sharma


Narottam Sharma

Head Transformation & IT
Sterlite Technologies (NSB)

Narottam Sharma

Narottam Sharma is a highly acclaimed transformation leader and turnaround architect, with close to two decades of rich experience towards leveraging emerging technologies across industries. He is passionate about generating new ideas and focuses on transformation initiatives that have a direct correlation to business growth objectives and customer experience. His unique capability that combines a strategic mindset with strong execution leadership has been key in bringing about large-scale transformations.

He has worked across diverse and multi-cultural industries, spanning continents. Before STL, Nrtottam worked in companies like Samsung, Aviva, RBS, Bank of America and IBM.

After a successful two-year journey as Head Technology tTransformation, he has been elevated to the role of transformation leader for Sterlite Networks Services and also leads cyber security for Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

Narottam is an alumnus of BITS Planai and MDI Gurgaon. He is a motivational speaker and likes to share his experience with young talents to provide the motivation and direction they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives.