Vivek Vishnu


Vivek Vishnu

Author - Transformation strategy for the Digital CIO

Vivek Vishnu

The endeavour of Digital Transformation is perhaps the most significant challenge facing corporations. In the views of the author, a successful Digital Transformation is a convergence of Strategic Realignment of organisation, people-centric Change Management and innovative implementation of Advanced Technologies.

In his role as an experienced Digital Transformation specialist, IT Director and a practising Chief Digital Officer, the author shares real world challenges of leading Digital Transformation for enterprises.

The pursuit of technology powered organisational transformation is the all consuming passion that defines Vivek’s professional endeavours. In this quest, he actively engages with business leaders, peer CIOs, CDOs and transformation leaders in an ongoing dialogue.

Outside his day job, he actively participates in driving the Digital Transformation agenda with industry associations and innovation centres. His engagements includes guest speaking at seminars, feature writing for periodicals and authoring books to exchange ideas about Digital Transformation, Innovation and Disruption.

The author has a rich experience of over 20 years in leading IT planning and management functions across many leading organisations. His span of experience covers implementing and managing IT enterprise applications and infrastructure in manufacturing and distribution focused industries. His responsibilities included IT planning, governance, program management, Enterprise and Digital application implementation and maintenance.

His experience includes multiple products in the ERP, CRM and SCM transaction domain. He has versatile experience in the implementation of BPM, Enterprise architecture, Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics, architecture Omni-channel ecosystem, enabling Digital Supply Chain and Analytics for core operations.

You can reach out to the author for exchange of ideas through email or LinkedIn messaging.