CIO CROWN - Unconference

An Unconference is a CIO participant-driven knowledge sharing platform. The term "Unconference" has been applied with CIO Crown event to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as delegate fees, one way sponsored presentations, and forced agendas.

Unconference will feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, although any format is permitted. This form of conference is particularly useful when the attendees generally have a high level of expertise or knowledge in the field the conference convenes to discuss. Learn the art of active listening with Unconference model participation.

We at CORE - CIO Crown strongly follow that a CIO has to have the right to choose their agenda, topic or track they want to participate. Hence we say "there is no agenda until .. the CIO's made one up for themselves"

CIO Crown Unconference participation will give you an access to below formats of interactions with industry peers:

BoFs session will facilitate networking and partnership formation among CIO's, including functionally oriented groups such as CIO's or technology oriented CIO groups. BoFs generally allow for more CIO interaction than the panel discussions typically seen at conferences; the discussions are not completely unguided, though, as there is still a discussion thought leader.
A knowledge café is a type of CIO business meeting or CIO technology workshop which aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface their collective knowledge, share ideas and insights, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the issues involved for a particular domain. The only hard and fast rule is that the meeting is conducted in such a way that most of the time is spent in conversation. A knowledge café is most effective with between 15 and 50 participants.
Unlike traditional conference formats, BarCamps will have a self-organizing character, relying on the passion and the responsibility of the CIO participants. All CIO's are encouraged to present or facilitate a session or otherwise contribute to the session. Everyone is also asked to share information and experiences. This encouragement to share by CIO's is a deliberate change from monologue one way from sponsors.
A TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting for technology leaders to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology for business.
A Lightning talk is a short presentation like a elevator pitch to large group of CIO's. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single session by different business speakers.
Speed geeking is a participation process used to quickly view a number of presentations within a fixed period of time by CIOs. Speed geeking is a great way to quickly view a number of presentations and demos in a short while. For example, one hour is enough time to view 12 presenters if you spend 5 minutes at each presentation. The 5 minute limit also keeps presentations short and interesting.

Look out for many more such methodologies of engagement in coming weeks as we unravel more about the Unconference.

Stay Tuned!!!